Todd's Trike Diary

Adventures on the road

An online journal of my first bike in over a decade... a 2006 Catrike Road.  A trike!  And my ensuing expiditions.

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Getting Excited Again
Spring 2006

Spring is here, barely.  It's cool enough that I can never predict how warm/cold I'll be.  I've left my Arkel bags on the trike to maintain some wind-resistence (and force my legs to work).  And they're convenient.  I carry long bike pants and long-sleeved Underarmor in my bags in case I don't work up enough warmth.

I'm happy to be back on my wheels.  I'm surprised at how weak my legs are.  Ten miles is more than enough for me.

My mind is racing through the possibilities for this year's tour.  Yes, without really thinking it over, and even remembering the pain in my feet at the end of my Arizona tour, I'm ready to get out there again.  I like pedaling enough, but it's the sense of adventure that drives my imagination.

Warm Up
Spring Training 2006

After relocating my triking legs I've resumed my frequent trips down Capital Crescent Trail into DC -- my favorite local destination.

Starting in early April, DC is a beautiful carrot to spurn me on, legs pumping.

DC warm-up ride.

Just over the hill from the reflecting pool is another large pond.  Very quiet and strangely secluded.  It's a very quiet break from the scurrying, shuffling, trike-dodging tourists.

During spring and summer I rode into DC at least twice per week, warming up and dreaming of my next tour.