Todd's Trike Diary

Adventures on the road

An online journal of my first bike in over a decade... a 2006 Catrike Road.  A trike!  And my ensuing expiditions.

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My First Tour
Tuesday 25 April 2006

This day isn't about triking, but I'm including the driving portion of my trip.

Just driving.

I left home at 11:30am.  Drove out of Maryland, slipped back and forth between West Virginia and Pennsylvania.  Ohio rained on me; it kindly cleaned the fifty squashed bugs off my windshield.  But it never stopped raining.  I'm unsure if Ohio has a sun at all.

Crossed into Indiana and the rain stopped.

After 10 hours and 650 miles, somewhere west of Indianapolis, I stopped for dinner at a truck stop.  There, I was reminded that not everyone shares my hometown ban on smoking.

Apparently the entire country cooled down today.  It's nearly freezing outside.  And I didn't pack any warm clothes.

Down the street, at the Motel 6, I fell asleep with Jon Stewart.

Wednesday 26 April 2006

Socks and underwear got turned inside-out and I'm good-to-go.

St. Louis.

I know shockingly little about where I am and where I'm going.  Today I was surprised when a giant arch peered over the trees at me.  At first I thought McDonald's was taking steroids.  But it was only St. Louis.

After two hours of driving, I stopped to fuel up ($2.75 as opposed to the record-breaking $3.05 back in Rockville) and snack somewhere in Illinois(?).  I ate the last orange I had brought with me.  Thus ending, I'm sure, all healthy diet on this trip.

Introducing Smelly Todd.

Later at lunch, somewhere in Missouri, I rescued Smelly Todd from the rearview mirror.  My fortune at lunch was inspiring.

Another 850 miles in twelve hours (with the help of gaining an hour by crossing the time-zone).