Todd's Trike Diary

Adventures on the road

An online journal of my first bike in over a decade... a 2006 Catrike Road.  A trike!  And my ensuing expiditions.

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Tuesday, 21 Feb 2006

If I were rich, I would collect all sorts of unique vehicles, like motorcycles and mini-cars.  I want a motorcycle.  But I'm afraid of falling, so I would prefer a sidecar.

I searched the Internet and stumbled upon recumbent tricycles.  Wow, that's pretty cool.

Spent the night surfing recumbents... 'bents.

Wednesday, 22 Feb 2006

I've been wanting to take a spring-time vacation for many years.  But I must stay in the U.S.A. so I can be on my cell phone.  And I don't want to spend so much money that I cannot afford my summer vacation abroad.  Maybe a trike trip across the midwest would work?

Biking across the U.S.A... how cool would that be?

Maybe I could take Sneezy too?

And I would camp out too, to save money.  This could be a fun and cheap vacation!  A real adventure.